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The Importance of a Soffit and Fascia to Your New Jersey Home From Proper Ventilation to Keeping Out the Elements

From Proper Ventilation to Keeping Out the Elements

The soffit is part of the overhang of your home where the roof meets the siding.  Underneath the overhang, between the roof’s edge and the side of the house, the soffit is a vent that plays a very important role in allowing water to flow away from the home while ensuring proper ventilation.  Not every home has a soffit, though many New Jersey homes do have this feature.  The fascia is the board or boards along the side of the overhang and the roof that give your roof a finished look, while also acting as an added barrier to keep out the elements.  A home’s gutter sits atop the fascia board.  This establishes a smooth transition between the home and the roof.  The fascia has the important function of supporting the roof shingles and helping to keep moisture out of the home.

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    How the Soffit Protects Your Roof and Ensures Proper Ventilation

    The soffit vent, located under the eaves of the roof, plays an important role in ventilating your New Jersey home’s attic.  The soffit establishes a continuous flow of fresh air from outside, circulating it through the roof and attic.  This protects this area from damage that can be caused by too high moisture levels, including mold growth.  With this vent, you can be sure the area is receiving proper airflow without leaving your home vulnerable to bugs and other critters taking up residence.

    The Fascia Creates an Attractive Trim Between the Roof and the Side of the Home

    Fascia boards are the horizontal boards that sit behind a home’s gutter system.  These boards run the entire length of the home and are most often made from vinyl or some other composite material.  While the fascia’s job may not be as functional as the soffit, it does still have an important job as the last line of defense to keep out the elements.  The fascia can prevent rain, snow and wind from getting beneath the roofline and causing damage and higher than normal moisture levels.  This also plays an important role in improving aesthetics, offering a smooth transition from the side of the home to the roofing.  If water penetrates the fascia because it is damaged or needs to be replaced, it can lead to damage inside the home or to the roof. 

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      Signs that Your New Jersey Home’s Soffit and Fascia Repair are Needing Repair

      In most cases your home’s soffit and fascia will do their job in the background, requiring little thought from the homeowner.  That is, until something goes wrong.  Usually made from the same material as the home’s siding or trim, typically aluminum, wood, or a synthetic material, the soffit and fascia are virtually maintenance-free.  The primary role of the soffit and fascia are to prevent roof and shingle damage, particularly during inclement weather.  New Jersey’s winter snow and ice can put this area of the home to the test.  This winter weather, along with ice dams, can damage the soffit and fascia.

      If a visual check of the exterior of the home near the roof shows peeling paint or rotting around the roof. A leak in the home is one sign that your soffit and fascia are damaged.  Bugs and rodents suddenly getting into the home may also be an indicator that there is a problem with the home’s soffit and fascia, allowing these creatures easy entry.  If your attic suddenly seems to be lacking ventilation, the soffit and fascia may be damaged preventing adequate airflow to the area.

      All State Gutters & Roofing Can Help with Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in New Jersey

      The soffit and fascia both play important roles in your home, keeping out the elements and critters that may find their way in through the attic, and high moisture levels that can lead to mold growth.  As such, it is important that these are always in good condition so that they can do their job.  If they are damaged or in need of replacement, you should have an experienced professional with knowledge of soffit and fascia installation help.  This can make sure that the job is done right and that both essential parts are working efficiently.

      If you suspect that your New Jersey home’s soffit or fascia is damaged, the professionals at All State Gutters & Roofing can help.  Our team of roofing experts can evaluate the damage and determine whether this can be repaired or if a new soffit and fascia need to be installed.  Your home is your biggest asset, don’t leave it vulnerable to the elements with a damaged soffit or fascia.  Contact the experts at All State Gutters & Roofing for help.