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Your home’s roof is one of the first lines of defense against the elements.  From rain and wind to New Jersey snow and ice, your home’s roof has an important job to do.  A roof that is damaged or in need of repair will not be able to provide your home with adequate protection from the elements.  This is where the team at All State Gutters & Roofing can help.  Whether replacing damaged shingles or a new roof installation, our team can make sure your roof is able to give your New Jersey home shelter from the elements.

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    The Risks of a Roof That is Leaking or Missing Shingles

    A roof has the important job of protecting the inside of your home from the elements, while also keeping out insects and small critters that can invade your living space.  When your roof is damaged or has missing shingles, it can no longer do this.  This leaves your home vulnerable.  From a visible leak to higher-than-normal moisture levels, your home may be at risk for mold growth because of damage or a roof needing to be replaced.  Even something as seemingly innocent as one shingle out of place can lead to big problems over time. 

    May times a roof leak can go unnoticed until it has become a big problem for the New Jersey homeowner.  These hidden leaks can be some of the most problematic, as insulation and drywall moisture levels can quickly lead to a breeding ground for mold. 


    A roof that has missing or damaged shingles can also be very welcoming for insects and other pests seeking refuge from the cold or just a dry area to call home.  These critters can quickly become an infestation in your home, leading to other problems that the homeowner will need to address.

    Inspecting Your Roof for Damage to Protect Your Home

    A New Jersey storm, with high winds, ice, and snow, can damage your roof.  This can frequently go unnoticed by the homeowner.  After a storm or high winds, it is a good idea to make it routine to visually check your roof.  Look for any shingles that are raised, or out of place.  Addressing damage to your home’s roofing early, fixing this and replacing missing shingles can prevent any damage to the inside of your home. 

    By taking the time to check on your roof regularly, you can ensure that you are protecting your biggest asset and all of your belongings within.  Your roof has an important job to do in protecting your home.  Making sure that it stays in great condition will ensure that your home’s roof is able to provide the protection from Mother Nature that your home needs.

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      Being Proactive About Replacing Your Roof Can Prevent Damage

      A damaged roof can prevent this protective barrier from doing its job of making sure your home and belongings are safe and secure.  From letting in rain, leading to mold growth and outside drafts that cost you money to heat the home to having the property more vulnerable to critters, being proactive about a roof that is old and in poor condition can go a long way to protecting your most valuable asset.  A typical roof will last 25 – 30 years.  As you pass this timeframe, you may want to have a professional inspect the condition of the roof.  While some can last beyond this, replacing an older roof before it can be damaged by a storm or winter weather can wind up saving you in the long run.

      Repairs inside that are caused by a leaking roof can be very costly.  If your New Jersey home’s roof is nearing the end of its life and needs replacing, it can save you expenses to be proactive in replacing the roof.

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      Trust Your Home’s Roofing Repair or Installation to a Team of Professionals

      When installing a new roof for your New Jersey home, you want a professional experienced in this type of work.  Your home’s roof has an important job to do, keeping the inside of your home and your belongings protected from the elements.  You should only trust a professional team of roofers with experience doing this type of installation.  At All State Gutters & Roofing our professionals can repair or install a new roof, ensuring that your home is protected from the elements.  You can rest easy knowing that All State Gutters & Roofing has you covered.